Compassion / Community

The Compassion Ministries of The Bridge Church Strabane seek to practically show and share God’s love and grace to those in need within in our local community and abroad.

Really, it’s hard to sum up what we do, as it is always changing depending on the need. Often, it’s simple everyday things like going with people to hospital appointments, giving someone transport to job interviews,  drawing alongside someone who is lonely or suffering bereavement, praying with those who need spiritual help.

 Our Drop In Cafe open from 10am – 4.00pm every Friday, is a great way for us to deepen relationships with those from our community and this spills over into our everyday lives as we love and care for them and what they going through.


Practically over the past year, we have bought heating oil for those who are struggling, helped someone who is homeless buy items and settle into a new home and community. We have made hampers for our local Domestic Abuse Charities, bought paint and painted bathrooms, bought groceries for people…..

We have bought bibles for our local community, magazines to distribute and more…… We also support and work alongside our local Food Bank and Grassroots cafe via Strabane Community Project

We are a ministry of social care and action seeking to reach individuals from our communities and see their lives transformed, restored and full of purpose. We know that this can only truly be done by introducing them to Jesus.