Caring for Life

Caring For Life, more commonly known as CFL, is founded on very clear Christian beliefs. People often question what that actually means and how it affects the way we work.

Caring For Life is a registered Christian charity with the aim of sharing the love of Jesus with homeless or vulnerable people by providing accommodation, ongoing support, love and friendship, and when necessary, providing that care ‘for life’! Such care enables people to develop dignity and self-respect. Our motto is simple, “Sharing the Love of Jesus.”

Caring For Life projects can basically be broken down into two main areas, housing and daytime activities.

The Caring For Life Daytime projects, based at CFL’s headquarters on a farm in Cookridge, are very significant in helping vulnerable people to achieve a settled, constructive lifestyle. The two housing projects we run provide support and care for as long as the person wishes and needs. This helps to establish genuine emotional security which many of those in our care will never have known

CFLs housing support team was named Being There by those in their care. Caring for 150 people at any one time. Many who need someone to be there for them.

Adult literacy and numeracy project run by volunteers, who provide one-to-one support for people who may have missed school or underachieved.

The Art Project helps those who may initially be terrified of coming along, to learn to express themselves, revealing gifts and interests they never knew they had.CFL’s Catering Academy enables students to learn basic food safety, personal hygiene and nutrition, alongside cooking skills

The conservation project enables vulnerable people to experience the countryside and to learn to enjoy, and care for the natural world around them.

The free range egg project gives people the opportunity to care for living creatures and also enjoy the fulfilment of counting, checking and boxing up eggs.

The Equestrian project allows beneficiaries to be able to care for, learn to rise and even learn to drive a horse and carriage.